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A shipyard specialised in the construction of wooden masts

Constructions up to 30 meters !

A marine carpentry shipyard perfectly suited for work on wooden spars. Broken masts, damaged booms, gaffsaddless, bowsprit and mast travellers, spinnaker poles or any other wooden parts of the rigging.

We have the experience, the machinery and the right wood. Just ask us for an estimate.

Everything for the wooden rigging


The renovation of an old mast or the repair of a broken one. We can restore your wooden spars.

Ancestral techniques are accompanied by modern production methods. Our ultra performant glues make good looking, flexible, light weight hollow masts.

A comprehensive service


Our design department can have plans validated by a marine architect. All inox fittings and anchor brackets are made by a marine boilermaker. We can varnish yours spar and fit all deck equipment. We can install the rigging on your boat.

Research and developpment


Important means implemented in 2018, a new year of great length is under construction for work on spars of outstanding dimensions. Together with a separate workshop and a storage hangar.

A spectacular machine – unique in France – is being built for the creations of masts of up to a maximum diameter of 60 cm and 30 cm in length ! (24 inchs x 93 feets!).

Furthermore tests have been carried in a university laboratory on the strength of the wood, glues and frameworks.

In all, a solid comprehensive project enabling us to offer outsized spars, guaranteed and at a correct price.

Our service door-to-door: We have de delivery cariage system for all Europe.